Art Talk Sundays

First Sundays 2 p.m.

Learn from professional visiting and local artists as they share their inspiration, techniques and the meaning behind their work.
Art Talk is included with regular museum admission: $5 adults, $2 students/seniors, FREE for children & members!

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February 5 at 2pm

Ellen Litwiller: Natura Morta, Natura Viva

Natura Morta, Natura Vive is an exhibition of still life drawings and paintings of stones. Visitors will gain a new appreciation for the ground that we walk on, for geology and/or for the common stones that we collect throughout our lives.  

"My work is heavily influenced by the natural sciences. I’ve worked in the Natural History Museum industry for over 20 years painting murals, making models and building dioramas.  Working closely with scientist has given me a great appreciation and understanding that the passion and commitment of artist and scientist are closely linked as well as the curiosity for observing and appreciating the world/universe we live in/on." 

March 5 at 2pm

Humboldt Collects

Humboldt Collects presents extraordinary collections from Humboldt County residents, exploring the fascinating practice of collecting. Join us as the collectors share their personal stories of how and why they came to own these varied and eccentric collections.




April 22 at 2pm (4th Saturday in April)

Jimmie Nord: Elevated Topography

Jimmie Nord is a sculptor. His work is influenced by his background in forestry, natural resources, and art movements like German Constructivism, Bauhaus, and The Memphis Design Movement, along with a splash of Surrealism. His exhibition Elevated Topography is an unrealistic portrayal of how we might overcome rising sea levels. The concept of scaffolding and construction materials used is meant to illuminate the challenges we face moving forward and the necessity to think beyond our current solution methods. 

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