Current Exhibitions

John Jameton: Off the Grid

September 5 through September 27

Award-winning watercolorist John Jameton is inspired by nature surrounding his southern Humboldt home. His paintings have won awards in numerous exhibitions and are included in the HAC Permanent Collection.

Celebration of the Arts Gala

September 5 through September 19

Artwork and packages donated in support of the HAC will be on display for early bidding prior to the Annual Celebration of the Arts Gala on Saturday, September 19th.

Empire Squared Strikes Back

July 29 through September 20

Empire Squared is a local art collective founded in 2002 by a group of art students at Humboldt State University. The group was formed because they wanted to bring avant-garde/cutting age art to Humboldt County. The collective has been showing art consistently since 2002. This exhibit will focus on the diverse styles from the collective.

Tony Natsoulas: Buggin'
Rotunda Gallery, July 10 through September 6

The humor and irreverence of Natsoulas's art should come as no surprise, considering the inspired lunacy of his mentors. A descendant of Pop and California Funk, Natsoulas's work goes beyond both. Embracing what may be best termed "camp"-that which is outrageous in its artificiality, affected, and referencing the out-of-date in an amusing manner-he has manufactured a style distinctly his own.

Natsoulas received his bachelor's of arts degree in 1982 at the University of California, Davis, and his master's of fine arts in 1985 from the same institution. He studied with many celebrated names in California painting and sculpture-Robert Brady, Roy DeForest,
Wayne Thiebaud-and has also been an informal student of artists David Gilhooly and Clayton Bailey, who have both greatly influenced him. His most significant teacher was the sculptor/ceramist Robert Arneson, who Natsoulas credits with changing his life by giving him the incentive to pursue art as a career.


MGMA Museum Art School

View artwork created in the 2014-15 sessions of the Humboldt Arts Council’s Museum Art School.

Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection Gallery

View changing selections from the HAC Permanent Collection including works by Morris Graves, Romano Gabriel, Melvin Schuler, Bruno Groth and Glenn Berry.