Current Exhibitions

Lynette Cook: Catching Shadows

April 23 through June 5

San Francisco Bay Area painter Lynette Cook’s shadow-centric urban scenes – executed using exceptional concentration, patience, and skill – pay homage and provide clues to the individual lives of those who inhabit San Francisco’s Chinatown and neighboring communities. Yet the life-like acrylic paintings – capturing light as it dramatically moves across this unique environment with its utility poles, balconies, stairs, and laundry hanging out to dry – also represent that which is universal in human experience and connects people on a basic level. With meticulous detail and vibrant color strategically placed, the commonplace is celebrated and rises to the extraordinary.

Erik Reel: Full Circle

March 12 through May1

It gives me great pleasure to be doing a show in conjunction with the Morris Graves Museum and the Humboldt Arts Council, institutions with such strong connections to an artist whose work that, along with Mark Tobey, greatly influenced me when I was growing up in Seattle.  These artists in both their work and their lives were instrumental in my early development as an artist and in the directions I chose to investigate. In a way, this exhibition, psychologically, is a coming full circle. Thus the title, “Full Circle”, which also alludes loosely to the obvious visual aspects of my current work as well.

Morris Graves’ visual influence is more obvious in Reel’s early work. His current work has a starting point closer to Mark Tobey’s late “white writing” paintings.  He remembers when the big technicolor movies came out. Back then, a lot of Northwest painters stuck to a palette dominated by the ochres, black and white that Graves and Tobey used so effectively.  But  for Reel, color has always been a central aspect of his painting practice, even from the beginning. At one point someone asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. He told them, “I want to paint technicolor Tobeys.”

This exhibition contains a set of works on paper created especially for this exhibition and space. These works on paper are “bookended” by two works on canvas: an earlier pre-curser painting to this group and a painting contemporary to this group from a dramatically different set of work in order to acquaint those who may be totally unfamiliar with his work with a hint of a broader introduction to his range.

15th Annual Northwest Eye Regional Photography Competition & Exhibition

The Northwest Eye is a five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition highlighting the current trends in the art of photography. This exhibition showcases the creativity and beauty caught by some of the finest photographers in the Northwest.

Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection Gallery

View changing selections from the HAC Permanent Collection including works by Morris Graves, Romano Gabriel, Melvin Schuler, Bruno Groth and Glenn Berry.