Current Exhibitions

Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection Gallery

View changing selections from the HAC Permanent Collection including works by Morris Graves, Romano Gabriel, Melvin Schuler, Bruno Groth and Glenn Berry.


Susan Li O’Connor: All Things Great & Small

June 25 through August 24

Sculptor Susan Li O’Connor repurposes newspapers and other common materials to make her own surprising and whimsical 3D artworks. Her work deals with the accumulation of everyday objects and the transformation of them into sculptural forms and installations. While the transformation of the mundane is the first thing a viewer sees, O’Connor is also entertaining ideas of identity, consumerism and consumption within our culture. O’Connor is an adjunct faculty member at the Columbus College of Art and Design in the Foundation Studies department. She holds a BFA degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA degree from the Ohio State University. She lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.



Open Country and Keep on Truckin’

July 2 through August 24

Open Country is a revisionist history of the origins of Country-Western music created by Jesse and Glenda Drew. The roots of Country-Western music lie firmly in classic American traditions of resistance to capital, freedom from government interference, and in defense of the right of workers, poor farmers, and the dispossessed to live their lives in dignity. The premise of this project is that the identity of modern Country-Western music, like much of the popular culture in our nation, is heavily influenced by corporate ownership of radio and media outlets.

Keep on Truckin’ is a video and photography exhibition that investigates the dreams, hopes and aspirations that exist for truck drivers; including long hours and long periods of time away from their home base. Through the use of photography, video and audio, artists Glenda Drew and Melissa Chandon examine the role of the truck driver within the vast transportation of warehouse goods including "classified" or non-disclosed materials. This project has taken into consideration the complexity, diversity and wanderlust that exist within the industry — including the demands the job place on partners and home life, to understanding the idea of ‘home’ itself. The artist team, driven by curiosity, conducted research at truck stops within the Central Valley of California, yet the subject’s travel and live across the United States and comprise a work force that is not defined by gender or race.

This Land is Your Land

July 5 through August 24

This Land is Your Land is an group landscape exhibition of artists who have lived or worked and /or have been influenced by the greater Sacramento Valley. Featuring work by: Gregory Kondos, Wayne Thiebaud, Pat Mahony, Boyd Gavin, Mel Smothers, Mark Bowles, Melissa Chandon, Georgette Osserman, and Fred Dalkey.

MGMA Museum Art School

View artwork created in the 2013-14 sessions of the Humboldt Arts Council’s Museum Art School