Current Exhibitions

Andrzej Maciejewski: Garden of Eden

September 26 through November 29

Garden of Eden features 24 colour still-life photographs, resembling the paintings of old masters, but showing our modern fruits and vegetables from supermarket, with label stickers or wrapped in plastic foil. This is why the titles of images consist of the PLU numbers and names of the countries of origin of the products in the photograph. The project was completed in 2011 and its creation was supported by an Ontario Arts Council grant. The exhibition of Garden of Eden is now on the world tour, visiting simultaneously several venues across Europe and North America.

Paula McHugh: Bound to Have a Little Fun

Paintings Inspired by the Titles of American Folk Music and Songs

October 3 through November 29

A couple waltz beside a crackling campfire under a harvest moon, a medicine show pitchman sporting an Indian war bonnet extols the virtues of his elixir to a crowd of curious townspeople, a son plays a farewell tune for his mother before going off to war, a farmer stands bewildered in front of his dust blown farm, a man and a bear stand together in the forest both playing the fiddle, a deer sprouts a peach tree from the top of its head…

The work of artist Paula McHugh celebrates the rich legacy of traditional American fiddle music and folk songs. A musician herself who plays the “old-time music” with her husband in a duo called The Time Travelers, her oil and watercolor paintings bring out the joy, playfulness, and longing of this enduring art form. The characters, settings, and narratives expressed on her canvases arise from the wellspring of the American psyche and call us back to what is most essential in the human experience.

21st Annual Junque Arte Competition & Exhibition

October 1 through November 15

Designed to celebrate artistic creativity on the North Coast, and heighten the awareness of renewable resources in the art making process, each artwork in this juried exhibition is made from 100% recycled materials…reclaimed, reused, recovered, secondhand, salvaged, anything un-new!

Sponsored by Linda Wise; Eureka Natural Foods, Recology Humboldt County and SCRAP Humboldt

Children’s Author & Illustrator Festival

through November 1st

As part of the Children’s Author & Illustrator Festival, select works from winning illustrators will be on exhibit to demonstrate the processes of illustration in children’s literature.

Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection Gallery

View changing selections from the HAC Permanent Collection including works by Morris Graves, Romano Gabriel, Melvin Schuler, Bruno Groth and Glenn Berry.