Current Exhibitions

Lida Penkova: Dreams of Far Away Places

July 20 to September 1


My show will present a selection of some of my favorite black & white and hand colored linocuts, canvases and painted driftwood sculptures created in the last 8+ years. My art works are memories of different cultures, their customs, ceremonies, myths, as well as honoring their artists and artisans. I lived and traveled in some of them, have studied and admired others. My inspiration comes from self-taught artists of aboriginal Australia, Mexican and Nepalese villages, Inuit communities, from Irish and Indian festivals, etc. They all tell stories reflecting their everyday life, religious beliefs and folk celebrations. Last, but not least, Humboldt County, my home of the last 11 years, has inspired my later pieces. Exhibition Sponsored by Lucy Quinby

Laura Corsiglia: Points of View: Everything Happening All at Once

July 13 to August 25

Point of View: Everything Happening All at Once is a use of drawing to explore wildness, belonging and reciprocity - to notice our participation in a deepening network of points of view. The exhibition is made of large drawings on paper, an installation inviting viewers to enter with their faces, an immersive piece made of light and artist books.

Scale: We are big, our nipples are small. We are tiny, our mountain is shelter. Every starling sees us go to the store. Redwood crowns fly by as we sit in a box.

While we are talking a chipmunk has given birth. A Peregrine falcon eats a small duck, perched on the post above the bridge. Feathers fall slowly past the trucks. Turns out there are spiders who nurse their young. My love’s face is the size of a constellation and his hair turns like a guitar. Fog is taking away our edges. We’re surrounded and seen. And we surround others at all times. That was a loon. This book folds in and out at the same time.

Nishiki Sugawara-Beda: Spirit of the Day

July 6 to August 11

Nishiki Sugawara-Beda is a visual artist working primarily on painting. Her multicultural background through travels and immigration from Japan to the United State as a young adult has formed her interests in examining various cultures. To speak to the core of humanity, she seeks the connections among cultures both from the past and present, and she focuses on tracing traditional Japanese activities back to their origins through her research.

Spirit of the Day is an attempt to highlight an oft-forgotten engagement in contemporary society—a deeper connection with their own spirit. The paintings present a moment of this spiritual engagement through mindfully cultivated marks on the surface. Sumi-ink brings out subtle and nuanced shifts in values and highlights a myriad of layers so that viewers may get lost in them and find their core of shared humanity and the core of their humanity.

The Sculpture of Dan McCauley

December 1 to August 25

Artist and welder Daniel McCauley of Dan’s Custom Metals learned the art form and technique of welding as a child in his grandfather’s machine shop. “I was always up there and got interested because I could take raw materials and make something,” McCauley says.

McCauley’s scrap art is created with material he finds in scrap yards. The artist’s work is nothing if not sustainable. Turning objects that would otherwise end up in a landfill into things the community can gather around and enjoy is the essence of recycling. He also mimics nature’s art, as he builds realistic and life sized mountain lions and bears. McCauley also hopes by sharing his work he can encourage other people who dream of doing art to embrace their hopes and work to see their own pieces in the public eye.

From the HAC Permanent Collection: Morris Graves, Glenn Berry, Bruno Groth, Melvin Schuler & Romano Gabriel

January 1

“Selections from the Permanent Collection” features highlights from the HAC's superb holdings of North Coast fine art from the twentieth century. It incorporates a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, decorative and folk arts. Though the exhibition is ongoing, the installation is updated regularly. Please call ahead for details on current exhibitions. 707-442-0278


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