Humboldt Artist Gallery
in the Morris Graves Museum of Art

Want to support local artists? Need a unique gift or unforgettable souvenir? Make sure to stop by the Humboldt Artist Gallery, open 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday!


Vicki Barry

Creativity has been churning inside of me since I was a small child and I have always found ways to let it out. Last spring, I happened upon alcohol inks through an art project that I was having my daughter do for a school assignment. I was so intrigued by the way they behaved and inspired by the vibrant, transparent color. I then discovered other artists were painting with them using Yupo watercolor paper as a support. Over the past year, I have been enjoying the medium so much and I sense that there is much more to discover. The alcohol inks inspired me to begin seriously painting and showing my work.

Julia Bednar

Creating art has been a part of Julia’s life since she was a child. Nature is her inspiration; from the beauty of a flower or a landscape, to the power and majesty of a rock formation or the charm and mystery of a cat. She works in watercolor or oil, painting in an impressionistic or realistic style, depending on the subject and her emotional response to it. Painting is her way of experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature and sharing that experience.

Julia serves on the Board of Directors of the Redwood Art Association and the Humboldt Arts Council and is active in several art groups, including the Representational Art League and the Fortuna Arts Council.

Julia maintains an art studio at home where she lives with several cats, starys who came from the gully to live with her and who often become subjects of her paintings. Her studio is open by appointment during the year.

According to Chinese philosophy, to make art good enough to enter people’s hearts is called “making stone into gold.” That has become Julia’s mission and her mantra.



Jim Lowry

Jim Lowry received a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Long Beach in 1968 and went on to do extensive post graduate studies in drawing, painting and sculpture at the University of Long Beach and Humboldt State University. His work has been shown and collected internationally. He is currently on the Board of Directors at the Morris Graves Museum of Art where he chairs the Exhibition Committee.

“To say that working in the digital medium is a stimulating experience would be an understatement. With digital art the potential for exploration is vast. The computer and digital camera combination gives me the feeling of freedom to do whatever comes to mind. There is a sense of newness to this medium and I enjoy being near the edge of new directions in art.”

Most of Lowry’s images were acquired with digital cameras and uploaded into a computer. Some images were captured on film and scanned into a computer. Extensive software manipulation produced the resulting images. The prints have been produced on an Epson Photo 2200 using archival inks and paper.

Sanford Pyron


"My paintings in the Humboldt Artist Gallery are from my visits to the estate of Morris Graves, in which I was able to explore my art and develop my techniques. With the help of my frineds and teachers, I am constantly discovering new methods.

I would like to thank Robert, Desiree and the Morris Graves Foundation for the support they give to artists. I would also like to acknowledge Michael Hayes, Kathy O'Leary, Jim McVicker, and Linda Mitchell for their guidance and help in getting me to where I am with my art. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for taking the time to see my work."


Paul Rickard and Jody Bryan

Paul and Jody are self-taught watercolorists focusing on the Humboldt landscape.

"For us, the practice of art is an open-ended journey of exploration to be shared and savored-unfolding daily with the droplets of paint, changing tides, and clearing skies. We paint most every day, together, alone, in the studio, on the precipice, in the fog, wind, and cold, with humor, frustration, and determination. On any day, the vistas of Humboldt County are both mundane and magnificent. We have attempted to capture its beauty and mystery."

Sara Starr


Sara’s tiles draw from her background as a painter. She hand cuts all her tiles and surfaces each one with porcelain slip. After drying and bisque-firing, she paints lines to define areas on her tiles using a wax-resist technique, cuerda seca, which originated in 15th-century Spain. She then pours glazes to create distinct shapes. Her finished works often reflect the natural environment of Humboldt County- redwood trees, shore birds, and wildflowers are recurrent themes.

Love of color is reflected in the vibrant glazes she achieves with selected glazes for high-fire tiles. All work is fired to Cone 10 and is suitable for outdoor installation or for kitchens and baths.

Sara has been an artist member at Arcata’s Fire Arts Center since 2006. She has created commissioned works, such as kitchen murals for homes, and art in public spaces, such as Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo.

Migration 1.jpg

Patricia Sundgren Smith

My etchings, mezzotints, linocuts and other printmaking art are printed on my etching press by me in my studio.  Each 

hand pulled print is considered an original work of art and is part of an edition.

My drawings are drawn with some or all of the following: graphite, colored pencils, ink and sometimes acrylic paint.  I like to combine collaged papers with my linocuts and occasionally my drawings.  Check out the back of the work to see what I’ve done to produce it.

I use many different techniques in various media.  Most of what I sell are originals but I do sell a limited amount of reproductions, too.  Please turn the artwork over to read the back.  It will tell you whether it is an original or reproduction and will describe the process and materials that I use for each piece.

I also enjoy photography, watercolor and acrylics.  I’m always exploring new materials and techniques.  


Barbara Wright

Mosaics, Dichroic Glass Jewelry

In 1996 Barbara began making glass beads with Italian Moretti glass, participating in major craft shows in San Francisco and Southern California. In 1999 she started making mosaics and in 2002 attended the Sculoa Arte del Mosaico in Ravenna, Italy, learning the old techniques of mosaics. There she was inspired by modern works in the old style and began creating two and three-dimensional pieces using art glass, Smalti, millefiori, tiles and various artifacts. In August 2005 she studied glass techniques in Barcelona, Spain, with Rene Culler and Phillipa Beveridge. both well known glass artists. Each piece expresses her vision and environment, with many ideas originating from the beautiful coastal area of Trinidad, where she lives. Along with the portable pieces she has done several large mosaic projects in her home, as well as commission work. Her work was in the exhibition “Opus Veritas – Fragments of Truth”, a collaboration of the Society of American Mosaic Artists’ and the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco from January 15 - April 4th, 2004. Her work is currently exhibited at Arcata Artisans Coop. the Art of Wine, Eureka, along with other venues in Humboldt County. And the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, CA.


Kim Reid

Kim’s lifetime interest in art began in childhood, then on to university studying fine art, art history and design.  Many years were invested in a large aircraft company as technical illustrator and graphic designer.
Her ever-expanding repertoire of watercolor paintings and limited edition prints are displayed in many local galleries and venues in Humboldt, the most popular collection being the redwood forests of the Pacific Northwest and Lost Coast.  She is working on a series of portraits of the most iconic ancient redwoods, for example: Luna, The Corkscrew Tree, Giant Tree, Big Tree and Big Red.  She wants to extend her gallery reach into Mendocino County.  Other works by Kim include euro castle history, ancestral villages and California Missions.  Capturing nature in landscapes and history has inspired all her painting collections.


Claudia Lima

Claudia Lima

"Painting is a very messy business....and I'm a pretty messy girl.

My main focus is on the men that work in the woods, (messy work).   My husband, John is a logging contractor and I grew up in the lumber business.  I love everything about the lumber and timber industry.  The country, the smells, the lifestyle, the deals, but most of all, I love the people.   I hope that my paintings convey the hearts and souls of these good men.  Most of the paintings, of the loggers, are of the men that we work with and for.

I also paint the agriculture of Humboldlt County and the men and women who are a part of this great industry."