Become an Art Talk Sponsor!

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Every month, the Art Talk lecture series offers community members the opportunity to connect directly with an artist currently showing their work in the Morris Graves Museum of Art, to learn about their process, their inspiration, and what drives their work. This monthly series makes it possible for the artists and art-lovers of Humboldt County to connect with fellow creators with whom they might never come into contact, and to spark insightful conversation and new work.

Because the operating costs for this program are relatively low, we have chosen to open up the opportunity for individuals like you to support the program! If you are someone who wants to support bringing artists to Humboldt County and helping them connect with our community, you can sponsor up to a year of Art Talk lectures today!

Just use the form below to set up your sponsorship. If you have any questions, please contact Alexandria Sullivan at (707) 442-0278 x206 or

And thank you for your support of this important program! See you at the next Art Talk! 


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