An Exhibition Selection Committee meets once a year to review the proposals that have been received and which adhere to the evaluation criteria and artist responsibilities outlined below. 


The Exhibition Selection Committee will evaluate exhibition proposals from artists or groups of artists based on the following criteria:

1. Diversity: The proposal is a reflection of current multicultural and diverse  art and art-making strategies that exist today.

2. Professionalism:  The artist(s) are professionals whose resumereflects exhibitions and other professional activities on a regional, national, or international level.

3. Innovation: The proposal makes innovative use of concepts, materials, themes, and space.

4. Community Engagement: Special consideration will be given to proposals that promote community engagement through interactive or educational activities associated with the exhibition.

5. Contemporary and Historical Relevance: The proposal demonstrates an awareness of contemporary and historical art movements, and challenges an audience's perception of "What is art?"


The HAC will only return proposals which include self-addressed, pre-paid packaging. The following must be included in the proposal:

1. Cover Letter: A printed cover letter stating the following:

      A. Title and intent of the exhibition

      B. Materials/media used in the artwork

      C. General description of the artwork

      D. Month for exhibition (a preferred and an alternate month for the exhibition)

2.  Images:

      A. Maximum of 10 images per proposal (not per artist), representative of the proposed exhibition. 

      B. Images must be submitted as jpgs with a size of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. Do not submit images embedded in PowerPoint.

      C. A printed list indicating maker, title, media, date, dimensions and insurance value of each object.

3.  Resume:  A printed résumé which includes all previous exhibitions and related experience for each artist in the exhibition proposal.



1. Notification:  Artists will receive an e-mail notification of acceptance or denial prior to June 1, 2018.

2. Alternative Exhibition: The Committee may wish to exhibit an artist’s work with other complementary artists in a group exhibition; however, this decision will be dependent upon the approval of the participating artists prior to the scheduling of the exhibition.


Artists whose proposals are accepted are responsible for the following:

1. Continuity: If exhibition material varies significantly from images used in the exhibition proposal, the curator reserves the right to edit or cancel the exhibition.

2. Shipping: All shipping costs both to and from the museum for the artwork.

3. Resume: A current résumé, artist’s statement, professional images, and other relevant material necessary to promote the exhibition.

4. Announcements: Artists may choose to design, print and pay for exhibition announcements.



1. Gallery: A gallery space and staffing during the exhibition.

2. Promotion: Professional promotion of the exhibition.

3. An opening reception: During First Saturday Night Arts Alive!

4. Insurance: Wall-to-wall fine arts insurance for all art in the exhibition.

5. Sales: Management of all gallery sales and collection of appropriate retail sales tax. HAC retains a 40% sales commission during the exhibition.


Jemima Harr, Executive Director Humboldt Arts Council, Curator Morris Graves Museum of Art
Address: 636 F Street, Eureka CA 95501
Phone: (707) 442-0278 ex. 205
E-mail: jemima@humboldtarts.org


Download a Printer-friendly copy of the Exhibition Proposal guidelines here

2019/20 Youth Gallery Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for an exhibition in the Morris Graves Museum of Art Youth Gallery! The Arts and Education committee meets once a year to review all of the proposals that have been received for this space. The next scheduled review date is August 27, 2019.


The following is a list of what must be included in your proposal portfolio:

1. A cover letter stating the intent of your exhibition i.e., the type of show (medium, general description, and dimensions) and a preferable and alternate month to show.
2. A maximum of 10 images or other appropriate visual media which are representative of your proposed exhibition. Please provide a typed image list as well.
3. A list of references we can contact about your work if we need clarification. (optional)


We encourage a variety of exhibition types. All media will be considered. If you wish, you may complement your show with a lecture and/or multimedia presentation. The Humboldt Arts Council Museum Exhibition Committee will make the final decision regarding scheduling and will bear responsibility for exhibition design and presentation.


Humboldt Arts Council will be responsible for the following:

1. A gallery space and staffing during the exhibition.
2. Design and distribution of press release, public service announcements, and assistance with other promotions warranted.
3. Assisting you with your opening reception during First Saturday Night Arts Alive! 
4. Wall-to-wall fine arts insurance for each exhibition.


Artists are responsible for the following, if their proposal is accepted:

1. Sign and return the Exhibition Agreement immediately after receipt to confirm exhibition. 
2. Provide HAC with a current résumé, artist’s statement, professional images, and other relevant material necessary to promote the exhibition. All images will be returned to the exhibitor after the close of the exhibition.
3. Exhibitors may choose to design and print announcements at their own cost. Prior to production, all announcements must be approved by the Humboldt Arts Council.

Proposals received under these guidelines are for a Humboldt Arts Council exhibition in the Morris Graves Museum of Art. We thank you for your interest in exhibiting your work with us and look forward to reviewing your proposal.

Alexandria Sullivan, Museum Manager
Address: 636 F Street, Eureka CA 95501
Phone: (707) 442-0278 ex. 204
E-mail: alex@humboldtarts.org


Please contact Humboldt Arts Council & Morris Graves Museum of Art Executive Director-Curator, Jemima Harr, for more information: 
Phone: (707) 442-0278 x205
Email: jemima@humboldtarts.org