About the Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art

Supporting the arts and artists of Humboldt County since 1966!

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Founded in 1966, The Humboldt Arts Council is committed to providing support and opportunities to the many painters, ceramists, writers, musicians, actors, dancers, poets, and cultural historians who live and work in Humboldt County.

In 2000, the Humboldt Arts Council opened the doors of the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Humboldt County's only art museum and home to hundreds of inspiring works of art, 7 galleries, a courtyard sculpture garden, the Humboldt Artists Gallery, museum store, classroom facilities, and performance rotunda.

Every year, we spend hundreds of hours bringing the arts into schools and providing programs within the museum that reach over 15,000 Humboldt County children annually. (And that number keeps growing!)

We are the State-Local Partner for the California Arts Council, and run the Morris Graves Museum of Art in a historic Carnegie building which was slated for demolition in the late 1990s, until a Humboldt Arts Council campaign raised enough funds to restore the building and create a community arts space inside.

To become a member of the Humboldt Arts Council, or to donate to the Humboldt Arts Council and your community art museum, please click here! We are grateful for our community support and truly could not do this work without the generous members of our community.

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About Morris Graves

Morris Graves was a resident of Humboldt County from 1964 until his death in 2001, and an internationally recognized Northwest artist. Mr. Graves was an enduring supporter of the Humboldt Arts Council and in 1999, he endowed the art museum restored by the Humboldt Arts Council in his name. Much of his personal collection and seven of his major and minor paintings are part of the Humboldt Arts Council's permanent collection.