George Ventura

George Ventura

HAC Member Since: 2014

I have always been intrigued by various types of light and how we use them. I was curious how visible light was transformed when projected through a prism or crystal. When I started taking photos I wanted to manipulate what the eye could see so the effect in my pictures is prismatic, and by trial and error, I succeeded. The process I use is diffraction. The whole technique produces photos I and hopefully you, see as paintings (trompe-l'oeil).

Diffraction is the manipulation of parallel lines on a grating tool, an optical component which fools the camera's eye, creating a unique image. This occurs in the field (en plein air) as I'm taking my photographs. Each signed piece of art is a monoprint.

My art gives me "the armor to survive the reality of everyday life". It involves me almost daily in the intricacy of nature while allowing me to spend time hiking and taking photographs.

My art is how I found my current joy.
There are no time limits to your dreams.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

Redwood Arts Association, Gallery One in Eureka: April 1st - October 8th
Umpqua Bank, Upstairs Galley in Arcata: April 12 - May 11th
Rio Dell City Hall, April 1st - May 30th
Umpqua Bank - 1360 Main Street in Fortuna: June 1st - July 31st
Redwood Arts Association w/ Fortuna Arts Council, Gallery One in Eureka: October 9th - December 8th

Thank You for taking my Visual Tour.