Reuben T. Mayes

Reuben T. Mayes

HAC Member Since: 2014

Reuben T. Mayes, Artist
In the style of Abstract Expressionism

Back Room Gallery, 525 2nd St, Eureka
Wed-Sat 10am to --- And Arts Alive!

See more of my art at my website link above!

Hello All My Friends:
"My name is Reuben Mayes. I am 27 years old and I live in McKinleyville.  I am an artist and my style is named Abstract Expressionism. I feel excited and happy and proud and silly and crazy when I am painting."

Reuben uses acrylic on canvas because it dries faster than oils and acrylic
is easy for him to apply with his high-energy brush strokes on any size canvas,
representative of Abstract Expressionism, a painting style in which an artist
applies paint rapidly and with force onto a small to huge canvas in an effort to
show feelings and emotions, painting gesturally, non-geometrically, sometimes
applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto
canvas. Abstract Expressionism is characterized by a strong dependence on
what appears to be accident and chance but which may be highly planned.
Sometimes an Abstract Expressionist is concerned with adopting a peaceful and
mystical approach to a purely abstract image. Usually there is no effort to
represent subject matter. All of Reuben’s work is abstract and expressive with
the spontaneity of Reuben’s approach to his work drawing from and releasing
the creativity of his unconscious mind. The expressive method of his painting is
considered as important as the painting itself. Reuben insists on painting in his
work boots so he named his website "art in my work boots". World-famous
Abstract Expressionist Artist Jackson Pollack also insisted on wearing heavy
leather boots when he painted commenting it made him feel grounded and
connected to the earth.
                     Painting creates an unusual sense of focus separating the artist from every other daily concern.
...the spontaneity of the artist's approach to his work draws from and releases the creativity of his unconscious mind...

Member Redwood Art Association, Humboldt Art Council, Ink People, Westhaven Center for
the Arts with shows at Arts Alive! Arts! Arcata and at many venues from Eureka to Trinidad.
Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, Greeting Cards, Tshirts, Prints, Ceramics
Phone (707)633-5048 or (707)677-9310 & Facebook: Reuben T. Mayes, abstract expressionist