Past Exhibitions 2007

Computer Freehand Drawing by M. Wayne Knight

Computer Freehand Drawing by M. Wayne Knight

JUROR: M. Wayne Knight

December 13 through January 21, 2007

The annual member show is a juried exhibition designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members. As always, this exhibit is eclectic, surprising and enjoyable. M. Wayne Knight has been an artist and graphic designer since the early 1970’s and is currently an assistant professor in the Art Department at Humboldt State University. Mr. Knight’s skills range from traditional easel painting to computer generated art and has exhibited nationally as well as served clients and corporations at the national level. His work has included oil portraiture, illustration, video, and a full range of graphic design products including print design, web construction and corporate identity. He is a highly skilled traditional artist who has embraced the computer as a natural extension of artist’s tools. Currently he is working on “Characters” that are drawn freehand with a stylus and pad directly into the computer. He has recently turned his attention to teaching full time and divides his time between a home in the hills above Ukiah and a home in Mckinleyville. To see the breadth of Mr. Knight’s work please visit his website at

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Best of Show "The Pearl Diver" by Jerry Warvi
First Place "Water Lily Emergence" by William S. Pierson
Second Place "Birdseye Sleigh" by Tryggv Larum
Third Place "Red Planets" by Jeanne Cissna


Orr Marshall Retrospective: A Bridge to Japan 

December 10 through February 11, 2007
Thonson Gallery

After studying with Josef Albers at Yale, then teaching in the Bay Area, Orr Marshall received a Japanese government scholarship to study at the National University of Fine Arts in Tokyo and lived in Japan for five years. His art in various media often draws upon traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture to reinterpret them from a personal viewpoint. The painting "Graffiti Girl," his imaginary take on the current Japanese urban scene, was included in an exhibition at the reopened M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco in 2005, and will be among the wide range of works selected from his Japan days up to the present.
Exhibition sponsored by Tomo Japanese Restaurant


Works in Iron
Frederick Hazard

January 6 through June 30
Melvin Schuler Sculpture Garden

A sculpture garden installation highlighting the found-object iron sculptures of Frederick Hazard. Beyond traditional “junk art”, Hazard’s sculptures emphasize classical forms while employing found objects such as machine parts, tools and utilitarian items. The rustic patina highlights the many sculptural elements included in each work, yet focuses on the sculptural combination as a whole. The complicated and formal presentation of each work encompasses movement within each individual piece and the installation.


Morris Graves & Art of the Northwest

Continous through the year 
Homer Balabanis Gallery

Come explore the work of Morris Graves from the Humboldt Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. Enhance your interpretation of the artworks on display by perusing the new Interactive CD-ROM The Life & Art of Morris Graves. This educational tool allows the visitor to view a selection of artwork, the Loleta Studio of the artist, and to hear interviews from his friends and colleagues.


Zane Middle School 

January 6 through February 25 
Youth Gallery

From the Zane Middle School Art Department, this exhibition features work by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in art classes taught by Lee-Roscoe Bragg.


Interior Histories
Amy Bouse 

February 3 through March 25 2007
Tom Knight Gallery

Amy Bouse draws from a study of human psychology and anatomy: the way forms fit together and divide, evolve and decay. The transitory nature of human beings, both body and soul, continues to fascinate her. Bouse begins with a concept or narrative that develops throughout the painting process. Interpretations of these initial ideas evolve, departing from external appearances to concentrate on abstract forms. The resulting images refer to the body's permeable yet resilient flesh—and to systems this flesh hides.


Sherry Karver 

February 3 through March 25 2007
Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Anderson Gallery

Sherry Karver, a critically acclaimed artist well known for her photo-based oil paintings, explores in her art a variety of themes connected to the human experience. The concept of surveillance, which occurs as a routine part of our daily lives, has taken on a new meaning and urgency in our current period of history. Using downloaded photos from public Internet Web Cams and images from airport x-ray screening machines, Karver is utilizing these images within a fine art context.

James Moore

February 1 through February 28 2007
Performance Rotunda

A lecturer in art at HSU since 1999, Moore says his tabletop still life paintings best express his own personality. Refined and unassuming, they picture what Moore assays are the main attributes of his personal character and of the “dignity of being” in the cosmos: simplicity, stillness, and quietude.

"Numina 19" By Brad Cole

"Numina 19" By Brad Cole

6th Annual Northwest Eye
Regional Photography Competition & Exhibition
Juror: Brad Cole 

February 15 though April 8 2007
Thonson Gallery

A five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition.For more than two decades, Brad Cole has addressed the mystery of human presence in photographs and films utilizing a visual vocabulary that is cinematic and musical, constantly moving and simultaneously quiescent. Cole's imagery escapes time and appearances in order to delve beneath surface experience and engage the observer at core levels of dream and myth. His 50 plate monograph The Last Dream (essay by A.D. Coleman) is published by the Center for Photographic Art.Primarily using an early-1900s 5"x7" view camera, Cole hand-crafts silver-based prints of exquisitely rich and seductive tonalities which also provides a base for his films, sound projects, and other works. In 2001, Cole was named Artist of the Year by the Center for Photographic Art.His work is included in permanent collections including, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, and the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, CA. Cole is represented by the Weston Gallery, CA. See more images at


Youth Art Month

March 3 through March 31 2007
Youth Gallery

Youth Art Month (YAM) is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art and art education for all children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs. Established in 1961, YAM provides a forum to support art education because it develops self-esteem, appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and critical thinking skills.....all vital to the success of our future leaders, our children. 


Betsy Roberts

March 3 through March 31 2007
Performance Rotunda

Betsy Roberts uses the ancient skill of metalsmithing to fabricate and patinate sculpture that is also functional.

"Into Tumucumaque"

"Into Tumucumaque"

Linear Expression
Deborah Corsini

April 5 - May 20 2007
Tom Knight Gallery

Deborah Corsini has been weaving for over 30 years and is currently a studio artist exhibiting her work nationally. She holds a Masters in Textiles from San Francisco State University. This exhibition highlights her bold, graphic line, zigzag stripes and scalloped selvedges which are striking characteristics of the wedge weave. Instead of weaving perpendicular to the warp, as is usual for tapestry, wedge weave is an eccentric weaving technique where the wefts are woven at an angle.

“Samoa Bunker” by Ingrid Nickelsen was donated by her step-daughter Laura Mullen and adopted by Betty Osborne

“Samoa Bunker” by Ingrid Nickelsen was donated by her step-daughter Laura Mullen and adopted by Betty Osborne

Recent Acquisitions: Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council’s Permanent Collection

April 5 through May 13
Anderson Gallery

As part of the Humboldt Arts Council’s 2007 “Adopt a Masterpiece” program, this exhibition highlights recent acquisitions to the permanent collection.


Sergeant Pepper & Friends
Elaine Benjamin

April 7 though April 29 2007
Performance Rotunda


Humboldt State University Elementary Education Credential Candidates 

April 7 through April 29 2007
Youth Gallery

This exhibition features the work of the Elementary Education Credential Candidates who are graduate students in the last step to becoming elementary school teachers. Besides learning the eight studio habits of mind, they learned ways to infuse art across the curriculum.


The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness

April 7 through April 29 2007

In Partnership with KEET-TV, this exhibition explores the mystery and meaning of love through letters as a creative means for connecting with others, preserving memories, sharing stories and leading by example.


Redwood Art Association 

April 19 through May 27 2007
Thonson Gallery

Juried exhibition from Humboldt County’s oldest artist’s association.

"Cat in Window" by Sarah Lanning

"Cat in Window" by Sarah Lanning

Monart Drawing School

May 5 through June 30 2007
Youth Gallery

Sixth Annual Student Exhibition of works created by four to twelve year olds. Subject matter includes drawings from three-dimensional objects, animals, still-lifes, and figure studies.  Students use a variety of drawing media.  The artwork will reflect the drawing method developed by Mona Brookes. The method teaches that anyone can draw, regardless of age, artistic experience, or so-called inherent talent. Monart drawing techniques have been published and received national attention in Drawing with Children and Drawing with Older Teens and Adults.

“Mother and Child at Circus” by Weegee, Donated by Harry Blumenthal

“Mother and Child at Circus” by Weegee, Donated by Harry Blumenthal

Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection

May 5 through July 1 2007
Floyd Bettiga Gallery


Emotion in Motion
Susan Needham

May 5 through May 27 2007
Performance Rotunda

"Twenty One Window VW Bus"

"Twenty One Window VW Bus"

Melissa Chandon

May 24 - July 1 2007
Anderson Gallery

Melissa Chandon’s oil paintings are rendered with a passionate physical language that evokes a deep feeling of isolation and loneliness amidst the welcoming tradition of her subjects. The intentional use of negative space via shape and shadow create an aura of solitude and privacy to which the viewer is slowly drawn into the environment. Focusing on the vanishing icons of Americana, including road side attractions, historical agricultural equipment and beloved Volkswagen Buses, Chandon's work encompasses the sentiment of these disappearing symbols one might pass on a lonely stretch of road.


Day to Day
by Karen Doten

May 31 through July 15 2007
Tom Knight Gallery

Using encaustic with graphite on canvas, Karen Doten’s series of paintings seek to combine everyday occurrences and actions with everyday visual experiences, the latter perceived through changes in light, color and structure. Nuance and subtlety also play a prominent role in her choice of visual material for these paintings.


Fifth Annual Small Works Exhibition and Benefit Drawing

June 1 through December 7 2007
Performance Rotunda

The Fifth Annual Small Works Exhibition and Drawing opens Friday, June 1st in the Rotunda of the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Twelve of Humboldt County’s most generous artists have each donated a small painting, drawing, print or a 3-dimensional work for this fundraiser to benefit the Humboldt Arts Council. The lucky winners will be drawn at a reception December 7, 2007 from 5 to 7  p.m. Drawing tickets will sell for $10 each, 3 for $25, 10 for $50 and 25 for $100. Tickets are available in the Museum store. Each ticket purchaser can deposit their tickets in the box under the artwork of their choice.


Expressions in Handmade Paper
The Deckle Edge 

June 2 through July 22 2007
Thonson Gallery

The Deckle Edge Group was founded fourteen years ago by four artists who were using handmade paper as a fine art medium. It was not a medium that was part of the mainstream, but they saw it as a way to expand their artistic expression. They decided it would be interesting and beneficial to meet and share information while visiting each other’s studios. Since that time, when Andrea Tucker-Hody initiated the idea, and she, Joan Rhine and Jim Meilander gathered at Susan Hersey’s studio, the group has expanded to nine. It continues to evolve as members focus on other artistic endeavors and new people join. The group shows its work together from time to time. Each artist has a unique way of using the medium, offering a wide diversity of artistic possibilities.

by Peggy Jane Murray

by Peggy Jane Murray

Art Banks

July 7 through August 26 2007
Youth Gallery

The Art Banks Traveling Exhibition and Outreach Program is a partnership between the Humboldt Arts Council and the Humboldt Docent Council.  The Art Banks Program began in 1966 when first President of the H.A.C., Dr. Richard Anderson, designed the program to educate elementary school students about art. This exhibition highlights the work exhibited each spring in Humboldt County schools.

"Extinction Series - Dusky Seaside Sparrow"

"Extinction Series - Dusky Seaside Sparrow"

Presence & Absense 
K.A. Sheehan

July 7 through August 19 2007
Anderson Gallery

The artwork of K.A. Sheehan focuses on images of the natural world which are combined with signifiers of the man-made world including architectural elements, navigational systems, scientific diagrams, and decorative patterns. The use of these motifs address concerns about finding a space in which nature and man co-exist. Focusing on subject matter of endangered and extinct birds and animals, this exhibition explores the idea of healing our damaged relationship with the environment. Gallery Kits Available for this exhibition.

by Albert H. Cohen

by Albert H. Cohen

by Billie Hunter

by Billie Hunter

Billie Hunter & Albert H. Cohen: Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection

July 7 through August 26 2007
Floyd Bettiga Gallery

This show highlights the artwork of two North Coast artists from our permenant collection. Born in Eureka in 1910, artist Billie Hunter began working with watercolors around 1960. These abstract paintings, some of her earlier pieces, capture the vibrant colors of our local landscape.Albert H. Cohen received his Masters Degree in Art from Humboldt State University in 1975. His oil paintings and prints are inspired by the balance and harmony of the natural world. One of his techniques, known as intaglio, is a form of printmaking in which thick ink is applied to an etched copper or zinc plate, and then wiped off with a tarlatan cloth so that the ink remains only in the etched design. When the plate is ready it is covered with a wet piece of paper and run through the press. 

"Recalling a Fond Memory"

"Recalling a Fond Memory"

Dancing in the Rain
Chalda Maloff

July 26 through September 9 2007
Thomas Knight Gallery 

Chalda Maloff's art is about the interplay among parts of a whole in a particular environment. As a Human Ecologist, she tends to view all objects in terms of their effects upon one another. Even in the unreal world of her abstracts, the laws of physics still apply: light still reflects off shiny surfaces, moisture still condenses where hot and cold collide. The edge of a shape or boundary line assumes pivotal significance in her art as they mark difference thus establishing classifications. The appearance of spontaneity in her art pieces is an illusion. Working slowly and methodically she digitally builds the forms and shapes, allowing them to interact at their own pace.


Images of Water
21st Annual Photography Competition & Exhibition
Juror: Vaughn Hutchins

August 2 through August 27 2007
Thonson Gallery

Celebrating 21 years of creative visions of water, this annual photography competition highlights the inspiring beauty of water.
Sponsored by City of Eureka

2007 Images of Water Winners:
Best of Show: "Moment Frozen" by Deborah Ketelsen
First Place: "Dawn on the Deschutes River, Oregon" by David Howell
Second Place: "Moonlight at Lapchoehoe" by Anita Tavernier
Third Place: "Small Waterfall" by Jackie Wales"

Honorable Mentions:
"Dark Reflection #1" by Jeff Craig
"Reflections" by Michael Harris
"Reflections" by Sharon Falk-Carlsen
"Humboldt Bay - A Silver Dissonance" by Bosha Struve

"Switch Back Switch"

"Switch Back Switch"

Sublime Re-Implacement 
J. Michael Simpson

August 30 through October 7 2007
Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Anderson Gallery

J. Michael Simpson has been making oil paintings that contain images of segments of rocky terrain and white water rivers from mountain areas. As the worked progressed he began to associate personal life events with the geologic and hydrologic drama within these places. In the discovery of sublime senses, the paintings have become poetic metaphors for sublime moments. Gallery Kits Available for this exhibition.


Destination: Art! 
Humboldt Arts Council’s Annual Art Auction 

September 1 through September 22 2007

Pre-bid on artwork and items auctioned at the Gala on September 22nd

from Totem Tale by Erik Brooks

from Totem Tale by Erik Brooks

Art of the Children"‘s Authors & Illustrators Festival

September 1 through October 28 2007 
Youth Gallery

As part of the Annual Children’s Author Festival, select works from winning illustrators are on exhibit to demonstrate the processes of illustration in children’s literature.


Helmi Juvonen: Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection

September 1 through October 28 2007
Floyd Bettiga Gallery

Helmi Juvonen was master of not just one medium but many.  Ever inspired by Native American culture, she is known for her watercolors and prints of masks and ceremonies performed by local tribes, and even some from the local Japanese community. Like many artists of the Pacific Northwest, Juvonen focused on dull and muted colors, taking her palette from the natural hues of the misty and heavily forested coast. Though perhaps less widely known than fellow artist Kenneth Callahan, or Northwest master, Mark Tobey, Helmi Juvonen’s work should not be overlooked.  Her pieces are stunningly original and have captured the essence of the Northwestern Pacific, its native culture, its wildlife, and its rugged beauty.


Scroll Paintings of the Lost
Daniel North 

September 15 through October 28 2007
Thonson Gallery

In Daniel North’s travels and subsequent paintings, he has explored the length and breadth of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to the Rio Grande. Searching for a distinctive premise in his work, his explorations of the culture of the communities he visits reside in a shadow of natural wonders. The majority of the work is landscape-based and never parades figures across the composition, instead he paints their general presence or absence through the use of symbols.Gallery Kits Available for this exhibition.


13th Annual Junque Arte Competition & Exhibition

October 4 through November 25 2007
William Thonson Gallery

Designed to celebrate artistic creativity on the North Coast and heighten the awareness to renewable resources in the artmaking process, each artwork in this juried exhibition is made from 100% recycled materials.

Mary K. Anderson

Mary K. Anderson

Julia Bednar

Julia Bednar

The RAL Celebrates Twenty Years 
Representational Art League

October 18 through December 9 2007
Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Anderson Gallery

The coalition of realist artists celebrates 20 years of creating realistic artwork in Humboldt County. Participating artists: Marj Early, Michelle Murphy-Ferguson, Yevonne M. Reynolds, Dolores Terry, Sara Starr, Camille Regli, Elsie Mendes, Dolores Polm, Mary Louise Anderson, Pat Cahill, and Julia Bednar.


Layers + Undercurrents 
Thomas Morphis 

November 3 – December 9
Tom Knight Gallery

Thomas Morphis’ watercolors suggest contemporary structural forms, somewhere between sculpture and architecture represented on a 2-D surface. They are based on preparatory sketches done in collage. They may be called “architectonic” because of their apparent structural connections and supports, and their many rectilinear shapes, rising against gravity from an implied horizontal ground line. They are synthesized, invented images suggesting not only structure, balance, and solidity but also subtlety, vitality, discovery and optimism.


Holiday Sale 

November 3 through December 30 2007
Museum Gift Shop & Floyd Bettiga Gallery

New this year for the holiday season, the Museum Gift shop will transform into a festive showcase offering holiday shoppers original 2 and 3 dimensional work from 10 local artists. Find gifts for the home, children, garden, and loved ones from artists such as Gail Crosby, Vaughn Hutchins, Brook Fox, Mary Anderson, and Cathy Ray Pierson.

In addition to these featured artists, the Museum Gift Shop offers a large selection of books, prints, cards, CD’s, clothing, and crafts from over 100 Humboldt County artists and artisans. Do you need the perfect present for that “hard to shop for” friend. Give a gift certificate for a membership, merchandise, or our new artist website, Arts Online. As a special holiday bonus the MGMA will include a free catalog/print to every customer spending $20.

Find a gift for everyone on your shopping list at the Museum Gift Shop and remember, as a member, you receive a 10% discount on all gift shop items. 


Reflections: On Crossing
Anne Subercaseaux

December 2 2007 through January 20, 2008
Thonson Gallery

Crossing the Oakland Bay Bridge on her commute to and from work, the bridge span, skies, and views of downtown San Francisco and the Port of Oakland are familiar sites. Subercaseaux notices the play of light and shadow on the pavement during the drive across the span. This current series of paintings, "Reflections: on Crossing", represents this interplay of the bridge structural elements with cast lights and shadows. Patterns cast from girders and cables onto the surface present abstract imagery to incorporate in her art. Working with these bridge reflections allows her to focus on detail areas within a broader view, seeing abstractions in closer proximity. This process begins with the initial excitement of seeing and capturing compositions, ultimately leading to studying and painting them in the studio.


HAC Member Exhibition

December 21 2007 through January 27, 2008
Tom Knight and Anderson Gallery

The annual member show is a juried exhibition designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members. As always, this exhibit is eclectic, surprising and enjoyable.