Past Exhibitions 2008



Continous through the year 
Homer Balabanis Gallery

Come explore the work of Morris Graves from the Humboldt Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. Enhance your interpretation of the artworks on display by perusing the new Interactive CD-ROM The Life & Art of Morris Graves. This educational tool allows the visitor to view a selection of artwork, the Loleta Studio of the artist, and to hear interviews from his friends and colleagues.


HAC Member Exhibition

through January 27 2008
Tom Knight & Anderson Galleries

The annual member show is a juried exhibition designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members. As always, this exhibit is eclectic, surprising and enjoyable.

Best of Show - Donna Parker for 
Cabrini-Green: Public Housing Project, Chicago
First place - Cat McAdams
Second place - Linda Wise
Third Place - William S. Pierson
Honorable Mention - Carol Telesky


Anne Subercasseaux 
Reflections: On Crossing

through January 20 2008
Thonson Gallery

Crossing the Oakland Bay Bridge on her commute to and from work, the bridge span, skies, and views of downtown San Francisco and the Port of Oakland are familiar sites. Subercasseaux notices the play of light and shadow on the pavement during the drive across the span. This current series of paintings, "Reflections: on Crossing", represents this interplay of the bridge structural elements with cast lights and shadows. Patterns cast from girders and cables onto the surface present abstract imagery to incorporate in her art. Working with these bridge reflections allows her to focus on detail areas within a broader view, seeing abstractions in closer proximity. This process begins with the initial excitement of seeing and capturing compositions, ultimately leading to studying and painting them in the studio.

“Angled Cup” by Maris Benson

“Angled Cup” by Maris Benson

“Three Sculptures” by Maggie Moore

“Three Sculptures” by Maggie Moore

The Late Sculpture of Maris Benson & Drawings by Maggie Moore

January 5 through February 17 2008
Rotunda Gallery

Humboldt State University Professor Maris Benson passed away in 2005 before being able to exhibit his newest sculptures, but the profound effect they had on Maggie Moore’s work is keeping his work alive and is illustrated in this exhibition.


Selections from the HAC Permanent Collection: 
The Morris Graves Collection

January 5 - February 24 2008
Bettiga Gallery

A selection of abstract paintings and drawings gifted to the Humboldt Arts Council by Morris Graves and Robert Yarber.


Museum Gift Shop

January 5 through February 24 2008
Youth Gallery, Gift Shop & Annex Gallery

In the months ahead, the Museum Gift Shop will be an Ocean Oasis featuring: A new line of t-shirts, Sea the Fish by Ataraxia Design. On exhibition will be special items for purchase by Anne Magnolia, Casual Coastal Living Ceramic Urchins hand crafted by Kristin Dalziel.
Come see an exquisite array of sea treasures!

"Women at the Beach"

"Women at the Beach"


Stefano Cusumano
The Evolution of A Style

January 28 through March 16 2008

Although one can see the influence of Cezanne and Picasso on Stefano Cusumano’s paintings, his style and the journey it took over his 50 year career is uniquely his own. Stefano Cusumano was born in Florida in 1912 and his work came of age in New York City at the dawning of Modernism and Abstract Expressionism when pivotal changes were occurring. A self-taught artist and teacher, Cusumano’s work is caught between tradition and the modern world and through the shift of delineated planes, lines and angles, and the dramatic use of color we see evidence of the evolution of his style, a style both embracing and rejecting direct influence of the two movements. His subject matter remains constant throughout his career—family and strangers, the scenery and his environment, objects of the natural world and of daily life—yet his style evolves, the progression perfectly illustrated in his self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes and figurative works.


Edward Weston, 1920-1942: 
Selections From the Humboldt Group Corporate Collection

February 2 through March 25 2008

Known as one of the most influential American photographers of the Twentieth Century, Edward Weston’s work has had a profound effect on photography today. Loaned from the Humboldt Corporate Group Collection, this exhibition features selections from some of Weston’s most well-known series as well as some rare images.


Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection: The Harry Blumenthal Photographic Collection

February 2 through March 25 2008
Tom Knight Gallery

A fantastic selection of photography from many well-known photographers, the Harry Blumenthal collection features work by Bernice Abbott, Edward Curtis, and Jack Welpott.

by Natalie Lindstrom

by Natalie Lindstrom

Fieldbrook Elementary School

March 1 through April 28 2008

The work in this exhibition is a magical fusion of art and academics, and has provided the students with a new lens through which to review and revisit concepts in botany, zoology, math, geometry, earth science and history.


NEW SMALL WORKS by Jesse Corning 

March 1 through April 27 2008
Bettiga Gallery

Jesse Corning’s paintings investigate the language and meaning of aesthetic elements surrounding us all. They are explorations of how visual apprehensions of color, texture, and form influence and are influenced by our experience of our environment.

“On the Lost Coast” by Shawn Gould, RAA Spring Best of Show Winner, 2007

“On the Lost Coast” by Shawn Gould, RAA Spring Best of Show Winner, 2007

Redwood Art Association

March 27 through May 4 2008

Annual juried spring exhibition from Humboldt County’s oldest artist’s association.


Jan Gauthier 
Photographs from the Morris Graves Residency, 2004

April 1 through May 18 2008

Jan Gauthier finds photographic inspiration and spiritual renewal in the landscapes of her immediate surroundings and with themes of the organic world. The work was created during a residency at the Morris Graves Foundation, “The Lake” in Loleta. The flowers depicted were harvested from Morris Graves’ land; the bottles used were from the cupboards in his studio; and the backgrounds and textures are from papers and materials that were stored on his shelves.


Selected Landscape Paintings 
by James Warren Perry 

April 1 through May 25

Visually dynamic yet tranquil in mood, James Warren Perrys' landscape paintings are the result of focused direct observation. This exhibition will contain field studies as well as larger works painted in his Marin County Studio. Mr. Perrys' work has been featured in over 100 Exhibitions. Institutions that have featured his work include: Museum of Art, Kochi, Japan, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Riverside Art Museum, Masur Museum, Anchorage Museum, Alexandria Museum of Art, Stanford University and The United States Embassy, Rejavik, Iceland. His paintings have been featured in numerous publications include NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS, AMERICAN ARTIST and ARTWEEK.  Hundreds of his works are in private, public and corporate collections across the U.S.


The Rotunda in Bloom
by Lisa Hale

April 5 through May 25
Rotunda Gallery

This installation is united through the relationship of strong color, form and the repetition of multiple shapes. A treat for the senses, The Rotunda in Bloom exemplifies the beauty of springtime.


Selections from Sketchbooks 
by Joseph Carter

May 3 through June 29 2008
Bettiga Gallery

Los Angeles based and Humboldt County raised artist Joseph Carter shares selections from his sketchbooks in this unique exhibition.


7th Annual Northwest Eye
Regional Photography Competition & Exhibition

May 16 through June 30 2008

A five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition.


Janice Pittsley

May 29 through July 6 2008

Janice Pittsley’s primary interest is to explore the place where representation and abstraction meet, where the particularities of the material world are joined with the abstract qualities of the world or ideas and emotions. Her drawings develop this place through an interweaving of opposites: the naturalistic and the idealized, the airy and the grounded, the imagined and the observed, the particular and the generalized.


Shelley Gardner
Surface Tension

June 5 through July 13 2008

For Shelley Gardner, nature has remained an enduring source of artistic inspiration, especially the cyclical rhythms in the natural world. Her artwork attempts to mirror the slow cumulative processes of nature with multi-layered surfaces emulating the development of seed pods, the formation of crystals, and the sediment of a river bottom.


 State University Studio School 

June 7 through July 28 2008
Youth Gallery

This exhibition features one- and two-dimensional works by Studio School students from Humboldt State University and the Morris Graves Museum of Art.


Art in Motion

June-Morris Graves Museum of Art, Rotunda Gallery
July through October, various locations throughout Old Town Eureka
November-Morris Graves Museum of Art, Rotunda Gallery

Similar to the Cow Parade in New York, Art in Motion is an exhibition and art walk to unite local artists, local businesses and the Humboldt Arts Council in showcasing the vast artistic talent within Humboldt County. Stop by the MGMA in June to view these unique one-of-a-kind artist mannequins and then from July to October pick up a walking brochure and explore these sculptures in our local businesses throughout Old Town Eureka. The sculptures will return to the MGMA in November for a final exhibition in the Rotunda Gallery, and on Wednesday, December 10th they will be part of a silent auction during our “Mannequin Masquerade,” with all proceeds benefiting the many programs of the Humboldt Arts Council.


Images of Water

July 5 through August 24 2008

Celebrating 22 years of creative visions of water, this annual photography competition highlights the inspiring beauty of water.

"School Lunch"

"School Lunch"

Lisa Deloria Weinblatt
School Lunch: Narratives

July 17 through September 7 2008

A figurative painter whose imagery is informed through personal experience, imagination and direct observation, Lisa Deloria Weinblatt’s large-scale work in the School Lunch series is a pictorial essay of contemporary student life. Cross-cultural issues and their emotional attitudes are explored in the shared experience of school lunch, generated from direct observation on location at New York City High Schools


Tamara Hubbard
Urban Abstracts

July 24 through September 7 2008

Tamara Hubbard’s visual and philosophical curiosity of commonly overlooked, mundane details in the urban environment has inspired her recent series, Urban Abstracts.  This photographic study is a limited-edition series of black and white photographs printed on sheets of aluminum.  Visually influenced by the Abstract Expressionist Movement, this series was conceptually developed to explore perceptual peculiarities through contextual reduction and to challenge a redefinition of environmental familiarity and aesthetic expectation typically associated with the photographic medium. 


HAC Annual Art Auction

August 30 through September 20 2008

Pre-bid on artwork and items auctioned at the Gala on September 20th.


An Animator’s Avocation: 
Artwork by Dreamworks Artists

September 18 through November 2 2008

While animating for Dreamworks is their profession, this group of artists dedicate their free time to the love of creating fine art.


14th Annual Junque Arte Competition & Exhibition

October 1 through November 23 2008

Designed to celebrate artistic creativity on the North Coast and heighten the awareness to renewable resources in the artmaking process, each artwork in this juried exhibition is made from 100% recycled materials.


A Complimentary Compilation

November 8 through December 28 2008

A group exhibition of local Humboldt County artists justaposed with a selection of work by artists from out of the area.


Victor Jacoby
Weaving Heritage

November 22 through January 15 2008

The late Victor Thomas Jacoby was a gifted textile artist specializing in tapestry, and his work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada. This exhibition highlights his work from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection as well as pieces from private collections. Additionally, his sketches and portfolios will be on display.


HAC Member Exhibition

December 6 through 2008

The annual member show is a juried exhibition designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members. As always, this exhibit is eclectic, surprising and enjoyable.