Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

HAC Member Since: 2006


I take inspiration from nature and my work is

organic in substance, yet my sculpture is not about anything.

It is rather a study of form, light and shadow, the relationships of

parts, created space, and color.

Distilling perception to its essence, these studies and the contrast of

materials and textures play central roles in my work. Simplicity,

reduction and absence work together to accomplish my goals. I seek to provoke and encourage open interpretation of my work.

Currently developing sculpture in a variety of materials including stone, wood, and

fiber, Barbara has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Her award winning sculptures are in

collections across the United States and Mexico.

Visit my websites to see some of my free-standing sculptures and

sculptures for the wall: - free standing sculptures - wall sculptures

And on


Contact me for prices or if you have questions. Thanks for your

interest in my work.