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Stacy Becker

Stacy Becker

(707) 839-1352

I create art that illuminates the text or context with whimsical figures, carefully crafted and researched designs, and a rainbow palette.  

I work in watercolor and acrylic paints, colored pencil, ink, and digital mediums. Recent exploration has been with watercolor-friendly gesso on Arches hot press watercolor paper. 

My work includes landscape paintings, story and poetry illustration, murals, interpretive signs, personalized wedding certificates, greeting cards, event posters, responsible business graphics.

Position: Years of experience as an educator of visual and language arts, community and environment engaged learning, the notion of Peace and Justice for All.   

Inspiration: Planet Earth, Waters, Rocks, Flora, Fauna, Sky... One Love on this Planet!

Julia Bednar

Julia Bednar                         

HAC Member Since: 1994

Creating art has been part of Julia's life since she was a small child. Nature is her inspiration; from the beauty of a flower or a landscape, to the power and majesty of a rock formation or the charm and mystery of a cat. She works in watercolor, acrylic or oil... painting in an impressionistic or realistic style, depending on the subject and her emotional response to it. Painting is her way of experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature and sharing that experience.

Julia serves on the Board of Directors of the Redwood Art Association and the Humboldt Arts Council and is active in several art groups, including the Representational Art League and the Fortuna Arts Council.

Julia maintains an art studio at her home where she lives with several cats, strays who came from the gully to live with her and who often become subjects of her paintings. Her studio is open by appointment during the year.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy...to make art good enough to enter people's hearts is called "making stone into gold". That has become Julia's mission and her mantra.

Glenn Berry

Glenn Berry

HAC Member Since: 1996

A founding father of Humboldt State University's Art Department and a nationally recognized painter, Glenn Berry is the creator of a distinctive and prevailing geometric style of painting in which faceless figures shift and explore the landscape, symbolizing the process rather than the end result. This retrospective highlights Berry’s career achievements and illustrates his unique style. A full color catalog will be available for purchase in the Museum Store. Glen Berry was born on February 27th, 1929 in Glendale, California. He received his BA from Pomona College in 1951 and his BFA and MFA from the Chicago Art Institute in 1956. That same year, Berry accepted a teaching position as a professor of art at Humboldt State University where he taught until 1981. Berry has had several one person shows, mostly within the county of Humboldt, as well as in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He currently resides and works in Humboldt County. Over 30 of Glenn Berry's works are part of the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection and are featured in both solo and group HAC exhibitions.

Born: February 27, 1929, Glendale, California

BA, Pomona College, Magna Cum Laude, 1951
Phi Beta Kappa
BFA, Chicago Art Institute, 1956
MFA, Chicago Art Institute, 1956
Professor of Art, Humboldt State University, 1956-1981

One Person Exhibitions:

Humboldt State University, 1957, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1992
Rockford College, Illinois, 1957
Humboldt Federal Gallery, Arcata, 1964
Ingomar Gallery, Eureka, 1966, 1968
Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, 1970
Esther Bear Gallery, Santa Barbara, 1971
College of the Redwoods, Eureka, 1989
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, 2000, 2005, 2010

Floyd Bettiga

Floyd Bettiga

HAC Member Since: 1997

OCCUPATION          Professional Artist

      Master of Arts Degree, 1966, Humboldt State University; Arcata, California
                                    1954-1955, Postgraduate study, Humboldt State University; Arcata, California
                                    Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1954, Humboldt State University; Arcata, California
                                    1950-1951, Santa Rosa Junior College; Santa Rosa, California
                                    1946-1950, Ferndale Union High School; Ferndale, California

       1964-1993, Art Department, College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California (retired)
                                    1959-1964, Eureka High School; Eureka, California
                                    1958-1959, Jacobs Junior High School; Eureka, California
                                    1957-1958, Fontana Unified High School; Fontana, California

ART EXHIBITS:       Morris Graves Museum of Art; Eureka, California
(One-artist)                Candystick Studio; Ferndale, California
                                    Tuomala Gallery; Fort Bragg, California
                                    Carter House; Eureka, California
                                    College of the Redwoods; Eureka, California
                                    Jacksonville Gallery; Jacksonville, Oregon
                                    Humboldt Gallery; San Francisco, California
                                    Ingomar Gallery; Eureka, California
                                    Humboldt State University; Arcata, California
                                    Mezzanine Gallery; San Francisco, California 
                                    Gallery Rouge; Eureka, California

ART EXHIBITS:       Carter House; Eureka, California
(Group)                       Ankrum Gallery; Los Angeles, California
                                    Henry Galleries, University of Washington; Seattle, Washington
                                    College of the Redwoods; Eureka, California
                                    Humboldt Cultural Center; Eureka, California
                                    Redwoods Art Association Annual Exhibitons
                                    Percival Galleries; Des Moines, Iowa
                                    Humboldt State University; Arcata, California
                                    Gump’s Gallery; San Francisco, California
                                    Ingomar Gallery; Eureka, California
                                    Rouge Gallery; Medford, Oregon
                                    Crocker Art Gallery, “Northern California Artist”
                                    Phelan Awards Exhibition, California Palace of the Legion of Honor; San Francisco, California
                                    Crocker Art Gallery, Kinsley Annual Exhibition; Sacramento, California
                                    American House; Tubingen, Germany
                                    Museum of Art; Santa Barbara, California
                                    Morris Graves Museum of Art; Eureka, California

     1989 Outstanding Alumni Award, Humboldt State University
                                    1976 Who’s Who in American Art
                                    1971, 1991 Humboldt Arts Council Award, presented annually to individuals who have made significant                                              long-term contributions to fostering the arts in Humboldt County.
                                    1977 KEET-TV Award, given in recognition of fund-raising activities supporting public television,                                              1975-1977

TRAVEL:                   Hawaii (8 trips 1978-1995)
                                    Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, China, and Hong Kong (1991)
                                    South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia (1988)
                                    Guatemala (1973)
                                    Japan (1961)
                                    Mexico (1953)
                                    Europe (approximately 25 trips to Europe and North Africa from 1956 to 2003):  Germany, Austria,                                              Switzerland, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Greece, Yugoslavia, England, Denmark, Norway,                                              Holland, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Ireland, and Belgium.

    Redwoods Art Association
                                    Humboldt Arts Council 
                                    Humboldt State University Alumni
                                    Friends of the Clarke Museum; Eureka, California
                                    Marines’ Memorial Club; San Francisco, California
                                    Humboldt County Historical Society
                                    Jefferson Public Radio; Ashland, Oregon
                                    Humboldt Botanical Garden Foundation
                                    Westhaven Center For the Arts, California

             U.S. Army, February 1956-December 1957 (active duty in Europe)
                                    U.S. Army Reserve, 1957-1962
                                    Honorable Discharge; February 28, 1962

Susan Bloch

Susan Bloch


Carving the Human Condition in Glass

I sand-carve glass faces compelled by the internal and external energy of human interaction. Impressions of the interrelationship between the mind and consciousness guide my work. Noticing miraculous emotional, logical and spiritual beings whose perception of the world through individual kaleidoscopic lenses of sensations and knowledge captivates me.

Glass is the perfect material to highlight the human condition. Its fragility, translucence, and reflective qualities perfectly match human characteristics and by transmitting light through its surface illuminate human essence. The glass and mirror surfaces reflect and acknowledge viewers, assisting the art in becoming invitations, conversations or restorative places. Like a conversation, each piece starts with one concept, changes with each viewer and is open, variable and responsive. The clear spaces in the work invite viewers to visually step into the work and see themselves floating softly in the face of another.

Connecting the viewer to the art is a growing interest. In my piece titled, Topsy Turvy, upside down heads loom over a small globe where inside viewers also appear upside down. Our beautiful minds play tricks on us, make assumptions, and color our worlds with infinite ideas; a joy and challenge of humanity.

My work is quiet and reflective, yet offers surprises, changing with time, lighting and angle viewed. Additionally, it is a testimony to those people who uncover treasures while journeying through life’s hills and valleys.

Pat Cahill

Pat Cahill

HAC Member Since: 2005

Retiring from the field of education in 1998, I chose to take the journey into the world of the fine arts using watercolor as my choice of medium.Painting gives me a fresh and in-depth perspective while looking and people, places, objects and form.  I enjoy painting whatever catches my eye-be it the color, subject matter, or design.  The inspiration to paint comes from the continual challenge for personal and artistic growth. Our world is ever changing, and each painting is a record of a moment in time.  Whether preserving a local landscape, recording my travels, or capturing an interesting composition, I enjoying sharing with the viewer my interpretation and style through each piece of art I create.Locally I have exhibited and won awards at the Redwood Art Association show, Humboldt Co. Fair, have shown at The Ship’s Inn, Eureka, and was a partner in the “Irish Roots” show at the Ferndale Arts Gallery.I am a member of the Redwood Art Assn., Representational Art League and the Humboldt Arts Council.

Regina Case

Regina Case

HAC Member Since: 1996

Regina Case lives on the coast of Northern California. She has had solo exhibitions at Robert Allen Fine Art in San Francisco, Convergence Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and The Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, California. Her paintings have been shown at Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, California, D’Adamo/Woltz Gallery in Seattle, Rodger LaPelle Galleries in Philadelphia, Erlich Gallery in Marblehead, Massachusetts and others, resulting in their placement in hundreds of national and international collections.

"I paint what is around me every day; the cup of coffee, animals, river. By using unlikely combinations of elements or points of view, the images are shifted beyond everyday reality, investing them with heightened significance. Nature is pulled inside and rooms are opened to it. A cup of coffee in a daybreak livingroom and leaves blowing upriver in warm summer wind are interwoven: all things that carry the mind home, bringing life into quiet kitchens."

Steve Coppin

Steve Coppin

HAC Member Since: 2008

The visual arts have always been an important means of expression for me. One of my earliest art memories is of a 1st grade teacher's enthusiastic response to my crayon drawings. I was always drawing as a kid and in college, my area of interest was in drawing and printmaking. My formal education concluded with a degree in Art from Humboldt State University in 1973.

I worked at a commnity art center after graduating and have fond memories of the people I met and the experiences I had there. The next four years I worked as a letterpress printer in a small shop where I designed many of the jobs that I printed. I began my career as a freelance illustrator in 1981 when I moved to Seattle and made the rounds with a portfolio of newly created airbrush art. While working with advertising agencies, design studios and publishers, I illustrated a wide range of subjects and ideas which was a wonderful learning experience. It wasn’t unusual to meet wth an art director in the afternoon and work the rest of the day and night on a project that was due first thing in the morning. When everything worked and the client was happy, it was very satisfying. In 1997, after watching the new work being created by computer artists, I began working with digital media and have never looked back. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with many talented artists and design professionals in the Pacific Northwest and many large northwest and national corporations.

In 2006 I returned to Eureka on California’s beautiful north coast where I am originally from. In 2013, I moved once again to Crescent City, CA which is on the coast about 20 miles south of the California-Oregon border. I am now concentrating on my own art and am retired from commercial work. My studio is now centered around my iMac and iPad. Some disagree, but I believe using computers and digital printers to produce art is a natural progression in fine art printmaking. I do my own monoprints or limited edition printing on archival fine art paper with an eight-color, pigment inkjet printer. In addition to my art, I enjoy cycling and converting my rural yard into a redwood forest.

Dara Daniel

HAC Member Since: 2009

After my Masters in Art in 1989, I worked as an sculptor creating indoor/outdoor female, figurative sculptures for a total of 15 years. I created many of my sculptures form Ferro-cement. Others are made of Wood or Clay. In 2008 I shifted to 2D and began painting with Pastels . 3 years later, Oils on Canvas. At the same time my subject matter changed, from the figure, to the landscape that surrounds me from my home in Northern California and beyond and, varies from water scenes and trees to wildlife and birds. Ultimately, regardless of my medium, subject matter or, muse, my goal has been, from the beginning, to express the passion, and joy I feel for nature in all it's glory and beauty.

Ginny Dexter

Ginny Dexter

HAC Member Since: 2009

PhotographyCurrent Exhibits: Mazzotti's on The Plaza, Arcata, CA Whiplash Curve, 423 First Street, Eureka, CA Photos On-Line https://plus.google.com/photos/117898201612930173722/albums/5696173607982182881 Published: Black Book (My photo was on the cover of the Humboldt County Telephone Book, 2010/2011, 2012/13 and currently, 2014/15 Food for People Newsletter and Gift Cards High Times (Image of Kinetic Sculpture) Kiosk on the new Elk River/Hikshari Trail Times Standard Newspaper Art Exhibit Selected Entries: Morris Graves Museum of Art – Images of Water Ink People – Color Turquoise Morris Graves Museum of Art – Northwest Eye Morris Graves Museum – Members Exhibit Old Town Gallery Fortuna Storefront Gallery Humboldt County Fair - Fine Art (Honorable Mention) Redwood Art Association RCC of the AAZK Honorable Mention RCC of the AAZK 2013 People's Choice Winner for Taking Flight Humboldt Redwoods Photo Contest 2013, Third Place Winner Humboldt Redwoods Photo Contest 2013, First Place WinnerCurrent Memberships: Humboldt Art Council at the Morris Graves Museum Ink People Fortuna Art Council Redwood Art Association Redwood Camera Club Community Involvement with Photography: I currently donate my photography to Food for People for their newsletter and also donate the cover image for their gift cards: Christmas, Mother’s Day. I photograph for them special events like the Cowboy Convoy Food Drive. Annually I receive a press pass and follow and photograph the kinetics “For the Glory” which can be viewed at KHUM. I make posters for participants of the kinetic race. I participate in alternative galleries to take art to businesses.Artist Statement: I love photography and, through this media, exploring new connections with all aspects of life on this planet. I was born on the island of Adak in Alaska and love Alaska’s wild beauty, which I visit often, to photograph. I am an avid traveler and have combined it with photography all of my adult life. I enjoy hiking and am in a hiking group that hikes weekly, taking me to new areas to explore and photograph. I am a long-time Humboldt County, CA resident and love the diversity of beauty in Humboldt. Where else can you live in a temperate climate, where there are redwoods, dunes, bays, lagoons, wildlife refuges, sloughs, wetlands and miles and miles of unspoiled beaches and rivers? Along with this amazing landscape comes a diversity of animals that are always fun to capture in an image. I am interested in keeping up with the latest technology in photography by reading, and taking workshops and classes. I am a student forever in this changing world. I strive to capture, in my photography, my love of this amazing planet and share it with you. Please visit me at: https://plus.google.com/photos/117898201612930173722/albums/5696173607982182881 or email me at: gindexter@sbcglobal.net

Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson

HAC Member Since: 2006



I take inspiration from nature and my work is

organic in substance, yet my sculpture is not about anything.

It is rather a study of form, light and shadow, the relationships of

parts, created space, and color.

Distilling perception to its essence, these studies and the contrast of

materials and textures play central roles in my work. Simplicity,

reduction and absence work together to accomplish my goals. I seek to provoke and encourage open interpretation of my work.

Currently developing sculpture in a variety of materials including stone, wood, and

fiber, Barbara has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Her award winning sculptures are in

collections across the United States and Mexico.

Visit my websites to see some of my free-standing sculptures and

sculptures for the wall:

http://www.dolanwilkinsonart.com - free standing sculptures

http://www.dolanwilkinsonart.com - wall sculptures

And on



Contact me for prices or if you have questions. Thanks for your

interest in my work.

Pat Durbin

Pat Durbin

HAC Member Since: 2005

I have enjoyed working with fabric and thread all of my life. The quilt came to be my medium of choice in the 90s. I specialize in quilted art that will hang as an art piece on a wall. Natural beauty and people are my inspirational focus. Fabric collage and painted textiles are used to achieve the finished artwork. Experimenting with new methods is part of my style.
I’m fortunate to have had my quilts in many juried shows and exhibitions, both locally and nationally. Some of my quilts have been sold to private collectors, and one large piece to the National Quilt Museum.
It is my pleasure to teach about and exhibit my artwork pieces.
Several quilts have been featured in quilt art magazines. I have written two method books: "Mosaic Picture Quilts", 2007, and "Fabric+Paint+Thread=Fabulous", 2009. Both books are available on my website.

Jon Exley

Jon Exley

HAC Member Since: 0


live in an extraordinary environment, one which begs us to advance the visual expression that it already provides for free; one which asks us to be a part of the collective

own contribution starts with outdoor photography but without restriction to landscapes.I search for personality in objects, buildings and scenes and enjoy especially those that present an unusual viewpoint.  When
able to capture the moment and work toward a finished product I’m most satisfied when I witness the past intertwining with the present.  I respect tradition but occasionally
I will extend my images with digital brushes.  It adds some fun and a signature
to my art.  Please enjoy additional works at my website link below.   Thank You..Jon Exley

Elaine Joan Fasano

HAC Member Since: 2002

707 476-8186

After moving to the North Coast in 2001, Elaine Fasano exhibited artwork as a member of the Ink People, in various commercial establishments, in Eureka, California. In 2002, she became a member of the Humboldt Art Council at the Morris Graves Museum. Elaine has since exhibited photography and digital art in HAC member's shows, and various assemblages, in the Junque Art Exhibition. Her participation in the Art in Motion Project, in 2008, resulted in her creation, the Sea Goddess which was displayed at Ramone's Cafe, in Old Town, Eureka, CA. While living in the San Joaquin Valley, I studied painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art and became fascinated by the ongoing expansion of technology. By collecting recycled items and computer parts, I feel that I am helping to clean up the environment while creating one-of-a-kind assemblages. Several years ago, some of my artwork was selected to be on the labels of five great wines, by a wine maker from Napa Valley California, Mitch Cosentino. Since then, I am continuing to work with oils and acrylics and the subject of my work is wine art. My passion for the vineyards, and the beauty and nature surrounding them is probably due to being raised near Livermore Wine Country, in Gustine, California. I remember my father used to say, "Always reach deep for your Al di La". In Italian it means to reach for beyond the beyond. Past Exhibitions Hall of Flowers in San Francisco, CA; The Hagan Museum, Stockton, CA; Lodi Winery, CA; Delicato Winery, Manteca, CA; Livermore Art Show, CA; California State Fair, Sacramento, CA; Stanislaus county Fair, Turlock, CA; In Focus Photo Show, Sonora, CA.Chamber of Commerce in Modesto, CA, Water Landscapes, (one-artist exhibit); CCAL Gallo Winery Show; Modesto Junior College Art Gallery; Photo Collective Member's Exhibitions; Central California Art League, Modesto, CA, the CCAL Gallery, Member's Show.Awards and Achievements Received many awards throughout Calfornia in Art, Photography, and Sculpture, including, Best of Show for the "Bear Affair", an electrical kinetic sculpture, Stanislaus County Fair, Turlock, CA.Published image in the book, "A Day in the Life".Recognized for image used in published book of poetry, "Penumbra", University at Stanislaus, Turlock, CA.Created a clay sculpture owned by Jay Leno.Price List:Geisha $35,000 us California Hillside $6,500 usLighthouse Cove $1,100 us Fruit Bowl $550 us Dancing Tulips $1,200 us Tower of Technology $600 us Gems of Nature $850 us

Kacie Flynn

Kacie Flynn

HAC Member Since: 2010

Artist StatementPeople interest me, faces above all else. A lot can be
derived from a face: sentiment, attitudes, intensity. It is in these faces that
I find myself absorbed in the emotions of the people around me and their
relationships to those around them. Every image has an emotion and the paint
helps to draw it out.

The nature of the photograph defines the style in which the
painting takes on. The paint can capture anything from the sharpness of a
comical instant to the ethereal softness of a more intimate memory. If photographs
capture moments and paintings convey moods, then by painting a photograph I am personifying
the emotions on the canvas.

Some pictures feel most comfortable to me in coffee. Sepia
toning gives the photograph warmth and enhances the timeless-ness of everyday
life which the coffee allows me to do. While other more vivid moments deserve
to be submerged in the colors that surround them.

My collection of work is of loved ones captured in those
fleeting seconds only a photograph could hold. Some give a glimpse into a life,
while others capture a moment worth living.Artist Resume


BACKGROUND:Bachelor of Arts
Degree, 2010, Humboldt State
University; Arcata,
California Summa Cum LaudeCertificate in Gallery Practices, 2010, Humboldt
State University; Arcata, CaliforniaWest High School, 2002-2006,
Bakersfield, CaliforniaTEACHING

Family Arts Day, Monthly Program,
Morris Graves
Museum of Art, Eureka,

Teen Arts, Summer Art Camps, Morris
Graves Museum
of Art, Eureka,
Recycled Jewelry, Arcata Arts
Institute, Arcata High School,
Arcata, California


Meat, First Street Gallery, 2010; Eureka,



HAC Annual
Member Exhibition, 2010-2011; Morris Graves Museum of Art Eureka,
California16th Annual Junque Arte
Competition & Exhibition
, 2010; Morris
Graves Museum
of Art; Eureka, California

 Taste of Art Auction
, 2010; Morris
Graves Museum of
Art; Eureka, California

Spring Juried Show, 2010 Humboldt
State University;
Arcata, California

Spring Juried Show, 2009 Humboldt
State University;
Arcata, California

Outstanding Community Service, Humboldt State University

(4 trips 2001-2010)Mexico (2006)

Council Humboldt State
University AlumniDelta Phi Epsilon Alumni

Arts Council, Morris Graves
Museum of Art

Assistant Museum Manager; 2008-2011


State University

Grant Coordinator; 2010-2011


ARTICLES:              "From HSU to 'artistic success' The Times-Standard"Fresh Meat: Art Education Rocks" By Jennifer Savage, The North Coast Journal â€œTeacherland! HSU Art Education Students Teach Local
High School
Students” By T.C. Vidosh, The Lumberjack

Eric Furman

Eric Furman

HAC Member Since: 2006
707 725 6361

Eric Furman is driven to create art not only by a
lifelong interest in sculpture and metalwork, but also by his discomfort
with our increasingly fragmented society. The majority of Eric's work
is abstract, but some pieces are representational and often deal with
current themes. Contrasting forms reflect dissonant voices - with or
without resolution. Acute angles infuse his work: elements appearing
upright are rarely vertical and perceived right angles are often not
ninety degrees.

He attempts to build physical meaning from chaos by repurposing metal -
remodeling a small part of our world by cutting, machining, forging,
and joining metals. Reuse/Recycle is more than a motto for Eric. Many
of his sculptural elements are recycled metal fragments.

Eric believes abstract sculpture will continue to be a vital part of the
contemporary art scene through this century. Although his work does not
belong to any particular school of art, it remains true to a modernist
abstract tradition with emphasis on constructivism.
T.S.Elliot wrote, "Between the conception and the creation, falls the
shadow." To me, this is an apt description of my struggle to make
sculpture - the concept, the shadow of reality, and the resulting
creation. When working on a sculpture, I try to maintain the idea's
inspiration while dealing with the reality of process engineering. How
to keep a concept artistically flowing through the complexities of metal
alloys, elastic limits, spring constants, sheer strength, wind loading,
and seemingly a thousand other practical matters; is a fundamental
demon I daily wrestle.

One of my favorite oil painters, Stock Schlueter, says that artists are a curious blend of hubris and humility - hubris to think they can create what their mind sees, and humility when they view the finished product. In many ways this continual search to fulfill an inner vision, is what drives me to keep creating new pieces.

Jane Fusek

Jane Fusek, artist unique

HAC Member Since: 0
(707) 839-3088

ceramic sculpture, painting, drawing, collage.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

My art is not pre-conceived; rather its genesis is
spontaneity.  Often, this impromptu
approach results in biomorphic/metamorphic icons or forms. 

Some of my thoughts on art in general:

Art is like watering a seedling. Every creation can bring
to life a heretofore untold tale/barely audible new song/barely realized
feeling. In other words, art can bring to light a hint of the moment’s truth
and potential.

Art is an amalgam of inner and outer realities. At its
best, art results in a statement that is seamless in its incorporation of
supposed dualities. Please check out my website at www.janefusek.com 

Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer

Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer

HAC Member Since: 2007

About the Artist
In 2002 after ending a 21year career as lead designer for the San Francisco Bay
Area sticker company, Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company, Susanna Snodgrass
uncovered a new voice as a painter.  Predominantly self-taught, with no formal training as a
designer or as a painter, her work, acrylic paint on paper and her recent work
on Tyvek, is a result of an intuitive way of painting that at times is also a
meditation practice.

artist finds from her home on the Humboldt North Coast of California, an
endless transmission of natural beauty, quietude, and teachings that shapes and
sustains her work.

Artist Statement

work is a practice that leads into the inner experience. It is a movement searching
out balance and stillness, a harmony of co existing energies.

 I bring to this practice a curiosity about the existence of the Natural world and a deepening self inquiry; a life experience.

I am influenced by the colors and light of the living environment, by the
simplicity and directness of Asian brush painting, and by imagery of poetry.

 My teachers are everywhere. To see more work click here:Artspanand here:http:Meridian Fine Art