Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer

Susanna Snodgrass Gallisdorfer

HAC Member Since: 2007

About the Artist
In 2002 after ending a 21year career as lead designer for the San Francisco Bay
Area sticker company, Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company, Susanna Snodgrass
uncovered a new voice as a painter.  Predominantly self-taught, with no formal training as a
designer or as a painter, her work, acrylic paint on paper and her recent work
on Tyvek, is a result of an intuitive way of painting that at times is also a
meditation practice.

artist finds from her home on the Humboldt North Coast of California, an
endless transmission of natural beauty, quietude, and teachings that shapes and
sustains her work.

Artist Statement

work is a practice that leads into the inner experience. It is a movement searching
out balance and stillness, a harmony of co existing energies.

 I bring to this practice a curiosity about the existence of the Natural world and a deepening self inquiry; a life experience.

I am influenced by the colors and light of the living environment, by the
simplicity and directness of Asian brush painting, and by imagery of poetry.

 My teachers are everywhere. To see more work click here:Artspanand here:http:Meridian Fine Art