Julia Bednar

Julia Bednar                         

HAC Member Since: 1994

Creating art has been part of Julia's life since she was a small child. Nature is her inspiration; from the beauty of a flower or a landscape, to the power and majesty of a rock formation or the charm and mystery of a cat. She works in watercolor, acrylic or oil... painting in an impressionistic or realistic style, depending on the subject and her emotional response to it. Painting is her way of experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature and sharing that experience.

Julia serves on the Board of Directors of the Redwood Art Association and the Humboldt Arts Council and is active in several art groups, including the Representational Art League and the Fortuna Arts Council.

Julia maintains an art studio at her home where she lives with several cats, strays who came from the gully to live with her and who often become subjects of her paintings. Her studio is open by appointment during the year.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy...to make art good enough to enter people's hearts is called "making stone into gold". That has become Julia's mission and her mantra.