Susan Bloch

Susan Bloch


Carving the Human Condition in Glass

I sand-carve glass faces compelled by the internal and external energy of human interaction. Impressions of the interrelationship between the mind and consciousness guide my work. Noticing miraculous emotional, logical and spiritual beings whose perception of the world through individual kaleidoscopic lenses of sensations and knowledge captivates me.

Glass is the perfect material to highlight the human condition. Its fragility, translucence, and reflective qualities perfectly match human characteristics and by transmitting light through its surface illuminate human essence. The glass and mirror surfaces reflect and acknowledge viewers, assisting the art in becoming invitations, conversations or restorative places. Like a conversation, each piece starts with one concept, changes with each viewer and is open, variable and responsive. The clear spaces in the work invite viewers to visually step into the work and see themselves floating softly in the face of another.

Connecting the viewer to the art is a growing interest. In my piece titled, Topsy Turvy, upside down heads loom over a small globe where inside viewers also appear upside down. Our beautiful minds play tricks on us, make assumptions, and color our worlds with infinite ideas; a joy and challenge of humanity.

My work is quiet and reflective, yet offers surprises, changing with time, lighting and angle viewed. Additionally, it is a testimony to those people who uncover treasures while journeying through life’s hills and valleys.